(2 pair combo) HD Polarized Night Driving Glasses & 'Pale Yellow' Night Vision Glasses

YELLOW LENS & AMBER POLARIZED LENS - BEST DEAL - 2 PAIR OF GLASSES WITH 2 CASES and 2 POUCHES -- We realize that everyone’s eyes are different and the...

YELLOW LENS & AMBER POLARIZED LENS - BEST DEAL - 2 PAIR OF GLASSES WITH 2 CASES and 2 POUCHES -- We realize that everyone’s eyes are different and the various shades of yellow/amber/polarization available will affect all users differently. With this 2 pack of glasses, you’ll be covered for all night driving conditions

NIGHT VISION GLASSES FOR DRIVING -- Drive safer at night & dusk by reducing glare from oncoming car headlights, streetlamps, and from wet pavement. Helps reduce bright light 'halo' effect from astigmatism, and highly recommended for Post Lasik surgery use -- Both our ‘PALE YELLOW LENS’ and ‘AMBER YELLOW POLARIZED LENS’ are really, really good for seeing in low light conditions like dusk or evening, or on overcast / cloudy days. You’ll be amazed how it enhances clarity and brightens low light conditions.

PREVENTS TIRED EYES AND HEADACHES -- Our UV Safety Glasses block 100% of UVA and UVB Radiation to reduce headaches and eye strain while on the road. You’ll still be able to see clearly if there is mist or smog, when there’s water on the road, or in low light conditions. 

COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH -- Sleek Black Frame with Rubber Covered legs for Extra Grip behind the ears. SCRATCH RESISTANT and IMPACT RESISTANT, makes these an excellent choice for any outdoor sports activity such as Driving, Riding, Biking, Running, Biking, Motorcyle, Cycling , Hiking, Walking, Fishing, Shooting, Hunting, Lasik Surgery.

CRUSH-PROOF STORAGE CASES INCLUDED - Comes with a (2) Zippered Storage Case AND (2) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth / Pouch!

--Choose iLumen8 Quality --
iLumen8 products include a variety of functional glasses from Shooting Glasses,Blacklight Flashlight Safety Glasses, computer and gaming glasses, and anti blue light glasses. All our glasses are USA FDA Registered and Certified

Having trouble with Glare while driving at night? Are you often blinded by oncoming headlights, high beams, or streetlights?

These Glasses work by increasing your visual contrast, which eliminates or reduces glare from headlights from oncoming traffic. Even when other drivers are using high beams, you'll be able to see better.

Most Driving glasses have a yellow tint that is too dark, and will limit what you can see.  Both our Original "Pale Yellow Lens" and "Pale Amber Yellow Polarized Lens" is perfectly engineered to enhance contrast of the very things you are trying to see.

Our Non-Distorting lenses have an ideal Lens-Curve for a Wide-Field-of- Vision. ANTI-FOG DESIGN

These glasses improve your depth perception and ability to distinguish colors, both of which are lower at night when your eyes are tired.

Like regular sunglasses, they also absorb 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Plus they’re built with anti-radiation technology which decreases eye fatigue and headaches.

Comfortable and lightweight design that you can wear for hours - they'e ideal for longer car journeys.

Whats included?

--Zippered Hard Case (with handy carabiner clip)
--Microfiber Pouch (doubles as a cleaning cloth)
--Warranty Card
--All packed in a Gift Box




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