So a customer of ours asked us (jokingly of course!) if our iLumen8 flashlight would work on the Walking Dead Zombies?

Since I am a fan of the show I felt compelled to answer this!

If you think UV flashlight will scare off zombies (or that they shy away from it), I would say that is false.  The Walking Dead zombies are often shown during the day, in full sunlight, and sunlight is full of strong UV. Don’t mistake zombies for vampires! Shining a UV flashlight on them  (and even our powerful iLumen8), should not deter the Walking Dead in any manner

If you think that the flashlight could help you see them better… may have a point… but it’s not a great solution. UV flashlights will fluoresce dried urine, and likely the zombies will have urine stains on their body (i’m no scientist, but in movies it seems like there all kinds of bodily fluids escaping when people are dying), and shining the light on the zombie should highlight those urine stains. But zombies are usually moving anyways, so you wouldn’t need the flashlight to try and see their stains, you’d be better off just looking/hearing for movement.

By the way, in case you’re wondering about the UV light fluorescing dried blood on zombies, then that is tricky too. Dried blood appears under blacklights, but they don’t fluoresce well.  However, seen on a white sheet (like a bedsheet), dried blood can be seen flashlights as the contrast of the stain will be shown.  This won’t help you see dried blood on zombies thought, as they are often depicted to be almost dark gray/black in color, and any white clothes have long become soiled and discolored.

What do you think?

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