Night Driving and Shooting UV Safety Glasses Clip-On Fit Over Prescription 2 pair yellow

SAME LENS AS OUR BEST SELLING UV SHOOTING GLASSES- Now available as a Clip On Flip Up’ version that Fit-Over your Prescription Glasses, these Glasses use the exact same quality...
  • SAME LENS AS OUR BEST SELLING UV SHOOTING GLASSES- Now available as a Clip On Flip Up’ version that Fit-Over your Prescription Glasses, these Glasses use the exact same quality ‘pale yellow’ lens that our best selling UV Safety Glasses use.
  • SHOOTING GLASSES -- Excellent for use on Indoor and outdoor gun ranges, our shooting glasses offer enhanced optical clarity for sharpshooters. Our ORIGINAL ‘PALE YELLOW LENS’ is really, really good for seeing in low light conditions like dusk or evening, or overcast / cloudy days. Helps Increase visibility of Clay Pigeons and Targets. Anti-fog, Anti-glare design--- Excellent for CHL & Concealed Carry Certificate Testing, Shooting Competitions
  • NIGHT VISION DRIVING -- Helps reduce glare from oncoming car headlights and streetlamps while driving at dusk or night. -- PERFECT FOR UV FLASHLIGHTS -- Our shade of 'yellow' Lens is perfectly engineered to enhance your viewing of the stains and the very things you WANT to see with your Blacklight flashlight.
  • 100% UV PROTECTION -- from your Black Light Flashlight and ANY outdoor activity. SCRATCH RESISTANT and IMPACT RESISTANT, makes these Clip on glasses an excellent choice for any outdoor sports activity as they are virtually indestructible. PERFECT CHOICE for any ACTIVE OUTDOOR SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES such as Running, Biking, Climbing, Hiking, Walking, Fishing, Driving, Shooting, Hunting and not to mention finding Scorpions!
  • STORAGE CASE & POUCH INCLUDED - Comes with a ‘Crush proof’ Zippered Storage Case AND 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/Pouches. ----- BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ----- NO WORRY 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ----- We'll let you try them risk free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied for ANY reason, simply return it to us for your money back. Your complete satisfaction is our goal

See Clearer and Farther on the Shooting Range--Our unique pale-yellow Lenses not only increase contrast, but also make for better depth-perception, making these UV Shooting Glasses ideal for shooting and hunting. Our customers rave about the optical clarity these lenses provide sharpshooters on indoor and outdoor ranges, especially on overcast/cloudy days and early evening/dusk conditions. Our Non-Distorting lenses have an ideal Lens-Curve for a Wide-Field-of- Vision.

Increase the GLOW when using ANY Blacklight / UV Flashlight --We have tested most 'UV safety glasses' on the market and find the majority of them do a poor job at helping you see, and the main reason is that the yellow tint of their glasses is too dark. Our lenses are tinted yellow, but a 'lighter shade' of yellow that is perfectly engineered to increase luminescence (increase the glow) when using UV flashlights. Most UV blacklight flashlights beam out a lot of purple and blue light making the stains tricky to see (especially small stains). Our lenses filter out most of that purple/blue light allowing you to SEE MORE STAINS and things that you are looking for.

Protect your eyes when using UV Flashlights or from any outdoor activity --iLumen8's UV glasses have a 400 UV protection rating, meaning it can block 99%-100% of both UV-A and UV-B harmful radiation up to 400nm. Most blacklight flashlights operate at around 370-395nm so you can rest assured that our UV safety glasses have got you covered. PLEASE NOTE: While these glasses are durable and virtually indestructible, they are not ANSI z87 Certified.

What is in the box? 2 Pair Clip-on Safety Glasses, (2) Microfiber pouches, (1) Protective Carry Case, Manual and Warranty Information

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